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Get your favourite MSN emotions and MSN emoticons! These smilies and icons can be added to your MSN meessenger application. We have put the smilies in a different categories to make easy for you to get them.

We need to make this site free for everybody and if you have any smilies or icons that this site doesnt have. You can send to us and we will post it here once we get it! Please send it here or you can upload it here.

Download your favourite MSN smilies and emoticons today and have a good time chatting with your friends using these smilies and emoticons.

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1000 of Free Animated Smilies!

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New KiWee Emoticons and Smileys. All new styles!

09 March 2009 - Added the Best MSN emoticons.


24 February 2009 - Added new Cute Panda Emoticons and Rainbow Smiley Emoticons

02 February 2009- Added new Valentine's Day Emoticons

08 January 2009- Added new Cupid Emoticons and Special Occasion Emoticons

10 December 2008 - Added new Cute Moose Emoticons, Santa Claus Emoticons and Xmas Smiley. Check out more new animated Christmas Emoticons

12 November 2008 -  Remember to check out our Thanksgiving Emoticons for this coming Turkey Day which is on the 27th November.

06 November 2008 - added new Kung Fu Panda Emoticons and Scribble Emoticons

15 October 2008 - Added new Halloween Cat Emoticons, Halloween Savage Skulls Emoticons. Check our other Halloween Emoticon Achieves. Bag Emoticons, Halloween Candy Emoticons, Halloween Emoticons and Pumpkins Emoticons

08 October 2008 - Added new Octopus Emoticons and Light Butterfly Emoticons.

29 September 2008 - Added new Cute White Creature Emoticons and MISC Animated Emoticons.

02 September 2008 - Added new Animal Emoticons.

11 August 2008 - Added new Flirtatious Emotiocns and Rocker Emoticons

05 August 2008 - Added new Olympic Emoticons and Blonde Girl Emoticons

14 July 2008 - Added new Crazy Rabbit Emoticons

24 June 2008 - Added new Party Emoticons and Beauty Emoticons

07 June 2008 - Added new Heroes Emoticons and Lala Little Twin Stars Emoticons.

26 May 2008 - Check out newly added Crazy monkey Emoticons and Hearts Emoticons

19 May 2008 - Added new Rabbit Emoticons and Snail Emoticons

05 May 2008 - As promised, we have added new Mother's Day Emoticons.

17 April 2008 - Added New MSN Emoticons styles. Mother's Day emoticons will be added soon, please check back soon!

07 April 2008 - Added new French Kiss Emoticons, Nurse Emoticons, and Twisted Whiskers Emoticons.

18 March 2008 - Easter is coming up soon, which is on 23rd of March, we have added new Easter Emoticons and Sweetheart Emoticons.

11 March 2008 - Added New Freshman Emoticons, Hello Kitty Emoticons, and MSN Green Emoticons.

04 March 2008 - Added New Bee Emoticons, and Cute Cat Emoticons.

21 February 2008 - Added New Apple Emoticons, Apple Version 2 Emoticons and Alien Emoticons.

19 February 2008 - Added new Black Creature Emoticons and Tikis Emoticons

27 January 2008 - Added new Flirty Girl Emoticons

30 December 2007 - Added New Bubble Emoticons and New MSN Emoticons.

28 November 2007 - Christmas is just around the corner be sure to check our New Merry Christmas Emoticons , Pimp Emoticons and Rude Emoticons .

09 November 2007 - Added new Bunny Emoticons, Mushroom Emoticons and Thanksgiving Emoticons for this coming Turkey holidays.

18 October 2007 - Happy Halloween for the upcoming Halloween Holidays! We have added new Halloween Emoticons and Pumpkins Emoticons

04 October 2007 - New Green Shirt Emoticons, Panda Emoticons

06 September 2007 - New Fruits And Veggies Emoticons, Junk Foods Emoticons and MeShrooms Emotions have been added.

28 August 2007 - Check out the newly added Angry Emoticons, Animated People Emoticons, Cat Emoticons, and Devil Emoticons.

16 August 2007 - Added New Woman Emoticons and Pig Emoticons

10 August 2007 - Added New Crystal Ball Emoticons and Lips Emoticons.

27 July 2007 - Added New MSN Emoticons and Turtle Emoticons.

12 July 2007 - Added New Msn Smiley Face Emoticons, Naughty Cat Emoticons, Mummy Emoticons and Vampire Emoticons.

26 May 2007 - New Cute Pinky Girl Emoticons, MISC Animated Emoticons and MISC Emoticons added.

18 April 2007 - New Panda Emoticons , Cool 3D Emoticons, Boys And Girls Emoticons and Sayings Emoticons added.

25 March 2007 - Easter Holidays is coming very soon. New Cute Orange Emoticons have been added.

05 March 2007 - New Assorted Emoticons and more Love Emoticons added.

18 February 2007 - New Love Animated Emoticons have been added.

28 January 2007 - New Happy Feet Emoticons and Chicken Emoticons added.

06 January 2007 - New Japanese Pink Animated Emoticons have been added.

07 December 2006 - New Funny Emoticons and MSN Emoticon Codes added.

19 November 2006 -  More Words Emoticons, Cute Emoticons, Love Emoticons, Cartoon Emoticons have been added.

1 November 2006 - New Hello Kitty Emoticons, Evil Emoticons, Simpson Emoticons, and Cute Emoticons have been added.

15 October 06 - New Cool MSN Emoticons have been added.

17 October 06 - Halloween is coming soon, I have added 50+ Halloween Emoticons for your msn messenger. Free MSN Winks

and Free MSN Moods have been added.

02 October 06 - More Free MSN Winks and Free MSN Moods have been added.

25/9/06 - 50+ Cute Emoticons have been added 

11/09/06 - New Monster Letters and erotic emoticons have been added.

29/08/06 New Emoticons , orange face emoticons, and painting emoticons have been added

27/07/06 New Cat Emoticons and Baby Emoticons have been added.

18/07/06 - More Animated Love Emoticons have been added.

11/07/06 - New Ice Emoticons, Spooky Emoticons and House Emoticons have been added

06/07/06 - New Free MSN Winks have been added.

05/06/06 - New Hello Kitty Emoticons, Crazy Guy Emoticons and Big Emoticons have been added.

30/06/06 - New MSN Funny Animations, Rude Animations and new 2D Emoticons have been added.

19/06/06 - New Animated Dancing Bananas and free winks have been added.

14/06/06 - New Animated Soccer and Animated Face Expression.


11/06/06 - New Love Animated Emoticons, Love Emoticon Pack and Animated Turkey Emoticons have been added.

05/06/06 - New Firefox emoticons, Birth Emoticons and Mona Lisa emoticon

04/05/06 - Cute animated emoticons added

24/05/06 - New Animated Zoo Emoticons, Animated Tweety Emoticons and Cute Animated Emoticons have been added.

17/05/06 - New Love MSN Winks, Cute animated chick and animated sun emoticons have been added.

27/04/2006 - New MSN Winks, MSN Animated Words and Animated LOL words, Cow emoticons have been added.

16/04/06 - New Zodiac Sign Emoticons and Flower Emoticons have been added.

14/04/06 - Happy Easter Emoticons for everyone! Few emoticon packs and new msn winks have been added.

10/04/06 - Words Emoticons and new free msn winks have been added.

28/03/2006 - More MSN Backgrounds added.

17/03/2006 - Lots of Msn Dynamic Background Pictures have been added.

10/03/06 - Lots of free MSN animated mixed emoticons have been added.

08/03/2006 - New MSN Dynamic Display Pictures added. Here's the screenshot of it: 

27/02/06 - I've just launced a new website Myspace Cursors with lots of new and animated cursors for your forums, myspace, or personal page. Please take a look. New zodiac emoticons has been added.

30/11/05 - Cute animated penguin emoticons and popular Korean animated emoticons added.

27/10/05 - New Halloween winks added! Happy Halloween everyone!

23/10/05 - New animated Halloween emoticons and animated sexy babes plus 15 new winks added!

17/10/05 - Cool msn animated avatars been added.

14/10/05 - More than 420+ new msn 3D emoticons added.

02/10/05 - 8 Free animated winks added.

01/10/05 - Cute Creatures emoticons, Japanese smiles added.

15/09/05 - Miranda Yellow Emoticons , superdog emoticons, flaming texts and more msn winks added

13/08/05 - Free MSN Winks for your MSN messenger (must have v 7.0 or above).

-New animated erotic emoticons , 3D holidays emoticons uploaded.

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25/07/05 - New 3D Animated Emoticons & huge 3D emoticons added!

01/06/05 - New cute animated emoticons and smileys added

26/05/05 - New animated emoticons added. Check it out at animated emoticons. Check below new items:

Erotic Avatars Added!

For MSN 7.0

01/05/05 - New balloon animated emoticons added. Check it out at animated balloon emoticons. Great news! Your opinion is worth 30GB iPod Photo! Click here for a new iPod Photo!

19/04/05 - We have a new animated emoticons. Check out the standard animated emoticons & msn animated love emoticons

03/04/0 - New msn animal emoticons & Msn Body/Sex Emoticons Check them out!

07/02/05 - New awesome emoticons uploaded by people visiting this site! < Up loaders Emoticons >, < Faces Emoticons >

14/12/04 - Cartoons Avatar & erotic avatars are added. 02/12/04 - Someone requested erotic emoticons few weeks ago. So here they are <erotic emoticons>.

29/11/04 - Forum style emoticons and erotic avatars are added

16/11/04 - Hi guys, sorry for the late update as i'm too busy with my school works, however the exam is over now and I'll update this site more regulary. So please check back frequently to get your free and awesome emoticons here! In the meantime, Get your Free iPod Mini here! with no charge.

16/11/04 - More new msn Emoticons, Emoticons 2, Emoticons 3 added!

21/07/04 - New msn extended emoticons added, more angry emoticons and love emoticons added!

28/06/04 - New msn style chat script Here.

26/06/04 - New msn body emoticons added! Body Emoticons & new funny avatars added Funny Avatars

Show us your emoticons creative creation!

04/06/04 - New msn hand emoticons added! Hand Emoticons .

22/05/04 - New msn buddy avatars & msn animal avatars added! Buddy | Animals to find out.

21/05/04 - New msn matrix emoticons added! Click here to find out.

18/05/04 - New msn words message added! Click here to find out.

11/05/04 - New msn cartoon avatars added! Click here to find out.

23/04/04 - New msn emoticons added! Click here to find out. Plus new funny msn emoticons & smoking emoticons!


For creative chatting:

" You're so funny dude! ".  

"Hi, how are you? I'm currently live in  ".

"Hi Jane, I can't wait to say that ".

"Wow! You got a nice ".

"Look at my ! ,  ".


Learn How To Add MSN Emotions To Your MSN Application:

  1. Select your desired MSN Emotions above and right click and choose "Save Pictures As..." and save it to your PC. To make it easy to locate later on, create a new folder called "MSN Animals Emotions" and save your desired Emotions to the folder.
  2. Open MSN Messenger instant message window.
  3. Click on the downward arrow next to the MSN Emotion of a smiley face.
  4. Click on "My Custom Emoticons", then click "Add". (If you have MSN Plus!, click "Tools" on the menu options and then click "Create Emoticons"
  5. Click on "Find Image" button, then browse to the saved MSN Emotion.
  6. Enter a custom Keyboard Shortcut.
  7. Press "Ok" button. You've added the MSN Emoticon!


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